Capability Assessments

Digital Logistics offers clients the opportunity to have our team attend site and execute capability assessments of existing systems and processes. During this process, we work closely with your business to understand its current systems and processes assessed against future requirements. Once the assessment is complete, we can provide either a high-level executive summary or much more detailed series of reports.

High-Level Assessments

Over 1-2 days onsite, our team will undertake a high-level site assessment to review all hardware, software, operational processes and automation workflows.

The outcome of this assessment will be a high-level executive summary report of less than 6 pages, which may include the following components:

  • Suitability assessments of current hardware and software
  • Efficiency assessments of current processes and workflows
  • GAP analysis of current systems and processes, measured against future requirements.

Detailed Assessments

Similar to the high-level assessments, our team will attend site to review all hardware, software, operational processes and automation workflows. However, this assessment will include a more detailed review of these systems and processes.

At the conclusion of this review we will provide a series of reports which, depending on the level of engagement, may include the following components.

  • Detailed recommendations for hardware, software, processes and workflows
  • Suggested business process changes to improve efficiency, output and/or reduce operating costs
  • Definition and documentation of new or updated business requirements
  • Development of a 3-5 year road-map for technology infrastructure
  • Technical and workflow process diagrams to support recommended changes