Ooyala Flex Media Platform

The Ooyala Flex Media Platform unlocks the content supply chain, extends the lifespan of your video, and revolutionises how you produce, distribute and monetise it all. It serves every stage of the content supply chain from pre-production to delivery, with full data insights and reporting. It’s built on three pillars: flexible and configurable workflows, rich business-led metadata, and powerful data-driven analytics. It automates processes across your entire content lifecycle, so you cut costs and add revenues.

Companies around the world, such as Sky Sports, Turner, HBO and Discovery, and locally in Australia, such as Screenrights and NRL, leverage the Ooyala Flex Media Platform to address their production, distribution and video playout requirements. The platform integrates closely with best-of-breed technology partners to deliver powerful functionalities that seamlessly connect your content supply chain.

Company Overview

Ooyala’s flexible and configurable content supply chain platform resolves the multi platform delivery needs of today’s content creators and distributors. 

The Ooyala Flex Media Platform connects and powers the entire content supply chain, from the initial pre-production through to distribution. It provides sophisticated workflow management, shared metadata infrastructure, and APIs to connect and orchestrate the entire media supply chain and allows broadcasters, operators, and media companies to import, manage, deliver, and monetize their content.

The Ooyala Flex Media Platform has become the media factory of choice for innovative content owners worldwide. It orchestrates thousands of video workflows, manages assets and metadata across multiple systems, and analyzes bottlenecks within the entire content supply chain. The Platform utilizes open APIs to integrate with existing systems to provide a single source of truth for media, entertainment and sports companies.

For more information, visit www.ooyala.com.