Flex Media Platform

The Ooyala Flex Media Platform unlocks the content supply chain, extends the lifespan of your video, and revolutionises how you produce, distribute and monetise it all. It serves every stage of the content supply chain from pre-production to delivery, with full data insights and reporting. It’s built on three pillars: flexible and configurable workflows, rich business-led metadata, and powerful data-driven analytics. It automates processes across your entire content lifecycle, so you cut costs and add revenues.

Companies around the world, such as Sky Sports, Turner, HBO and Discovery, and locally in Australia, such as Screenrights, NRL and BigPond Movies, leverage the Ooyala Flex Media Platform to address their production, distribution and video playout requirements. The platform integrates closely with best-of-breed technology partners to deliver powerful functionalities that seamlessly connect your content supply chain.

Company Overview

For over 10 years, Ooyala has been at the forefront of shaping the content supply chain revolution as a leading provider of OTT, content production, and digital distribution solutions. Ooyala powers linear and on demand video for the world’s largest companies, managing thousands of hours of content and serving billions of streams across all platforms.

With its open APIs and vast partner ecosystem, Ooyala Flex Media Platform provides a single source of truth for managing metadata and workflows of media companies. The Ooyala Flex Media Platform enables content creators and distributors to become more agile and cost efficient by automating tasks, simplifying workflows and reducing time-to-TV-grade experiences across all screens.

Ooyala has offices in the Silicon Valley, Chennai, Dallas, Guadalajara, London, Madrid, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, and sales operations in many other countries across the globe.

For more information, visit www.ooyala.com.