Frequently Asked Questions

It is paramount that business requirements are reviewed and redefined regularly. This should be done in isolation of any project work but also as part of a project to ensure the business is operating efficiently at all times. Further to this, when done as part of a project it is important to explore what the project will deliver and how the business requirements might therefore change.

The more detailed the business requirements the better the implementation as any development or configuration relies on this detail.

This generally depends on the volume of content and how often content is used. For low resolution proxies we generally suggest they are stored on disk and possibly lower specifications that storage of high resolution content. The decision on where to store content, and what specification, is largely determined by a clients’ requirements and budget.

Most definitely, Yes. We do recommend a thorough review of any on premise installations but understand some clients want key components installed on site. Most solutions are capable of being deployed in a hybrid configuration however this can add some complexity to the solution design.

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